Monday, November 1, 2010

College Football Haven Top 25, Week 9, 2010

I shook up the rankings among the one loss teams this week. Taking a closer look at who they lost to, I adjusted the rankings accordingly. Stanford has lost to Oregon, LSU to Auburn. No reason for them to be ranked down in the teens when their only losses are to teams in the top 3. It got tricky with number 8. Ohio State lost to Wisconsin, who lost to Michigan State, who lost to Iowa, who lost to Wisconsin (and Arizona). It gets more complex. Oklahoma State lost to Nebraska, who lost to Texas (4-4), but also beat Missouri, who beat Oklahoma, who beat Texas.

When teams have identical records, I use head-to-head results to break the tie. I usually don’t rank a two loss team above a one loss team, but Iowa beat Michigan State so soundly, I can’t justify keeping Iowa below the Spartans. That means, however, I have to rank Wisconsin above Iowa, since the Badgers just beat Iowa the week before, but Michigan State beat Wisconsin earlier this year.

For fans of teams numbers 6-17, if you think your team is ranked too low, especially after their ranking last week, just wait a few more weeks. By the end of the season, everything will sort out. It happens every year.

As for the top, I have not moved Auburn or Oregon above Boise State for one reason: defense. Neither team has a very good defense. Of course, nothing is set in stone yet, and I will reevaluate them all next week.

1. Boise State (7-0)
LAST: Beat Louisiana Tech 49-20.

2. Oregon (8-0)
LAST: Beat USC, 52-35.

3. Auburn (9-0)
LAST: Beat Ole Miss 51-31.

4. TCU (9-0)
LAST: Beat UNLV 48-6.

5. Utah (8-0)
LAST: Beat Air Force 28-23.

6. Stanford (7-1)
LAST: Beat Washington 41-0.

7. LSU (7-1)
LAST: Bye.

8. Wisconsin (7-1)
LAST: Bye.

9. Alabama (7-1)
LAST: Bye.

10. Nebraska (7-1)
LAST: Beat Missouri 31-17.

11. Oklahoma State (7-1)
LAST: Beat Kansas State 24-14.

12. Missouri (7-1)
LAST: Lost to Nebraska 31-17.

13. Oklahoma (7-1)
LAST: Beat Colorado 52-10.

14. Arizona (7-1)
LAST: Beat UCLA 29-21.

15. Iowa (6-2)
LAST: Beat Michigan State 37-6.

16. Michigan State (8-1)
LAST: Lost to Iowa 37-6.

17. Ohio State (8-1)
LAST: Beat Minnesota 52-10.

18. Arkansas (6-2)
LAST: Beat Vanderbilt 49-14.

19. South Carolina (6-2)
LAST: Beat Tennessee 38-24.

20. Virginia Tech (6-2)
LAST: Bye.

21. Nevada (6-1)
LAST: Beat Utah State 56-42.

22. Mississippi State (6-2)
LAST: Beat Kentucky 24-17.

23. Baylor (7-2)
LAST: Beat Texas 30-22.

24. North Carolina State (6-2)
LAST: Beat Florida State 28-24.

25. Central Florida (UCF) (6-2)
LAST: Beat East Carolina 49-35.

OTHERS TO WATCH: Kansas State, Northwestern, Florida State, Syracuse, San Diego State, West Virginia, Temple, Northern Illinois, Hawaii.

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