Monday, October 18, 2010

College Football Haven Top 25, Week 7, 2010

The Oklahoma Sooners may be number one in the first BCS standings for 2010, but they only moved up one spot to number 5 in the College Football Haven Top 25. Auburn was the big winner from Nebraska and Ohio State both losing. The Tigers jumped from number 7 to 3.

Oklahoma has beaten two quality teams: Texas and Florida State. The Sooners have struggled to beat everyone else (except Iowa State). A 52-0 win over Iowa State does not make up for a seven point win over Utah State, a three point win over Air Force, and a two point win over Cincinnati. Auburn has three quality wins: Mississippi State, Arkansas, and South Carolina. The Kentucky win took on more meaning with the Wildcats win over South Carolina this week.

Oklahoma State and Missouri were other big winners this week as they stayed unbeaten.

1. Boise State (6-0)
LAST: Beat San Jose State 48-0.
Ever so slightly, that bests Alabama’s 48-3 win on opening day.

2. Oregon (6-0)
LAST: Bye.
Wouldn’t a Boise State-Oregon match up in the BCS national championship game be intriguing?

3. Auburn (7-0)
LAST: Beat Arkansas 65-43.
HUGE showdown with LSU this week.

4. TCU (7-0)
LAST: Beat BYU 31-3.
Only led 3-0 with 2 minutes left in the first half.

5. Oklahoma (6-0)
LAST: Beat Iowa State 52-0.

6. Michigan State (7-0)
LAST: Beat Illinois 26-6.
The Illini are tougher than most expected this year.

7. Utah (6-0)
LAST: Beat Wyoming 30-6.

8. LSU (7-0)
LAST: Beat McNeese State 32-10.
McNeese State led 10-7 with 10 minutes left in the second quarter. Can LSU win a game without it being ugly?

9. Iowa (6-1)
LAST: Beat Michigan 38-28.

10. Alabama (6-1)
LAST: Beat Ole Miss 23-10.
They still control their own destiny.

11. Oklahoma State (6-0)
LAST: Beat Texas Tech 34-17.
Playing well in the Sooners’ shadow.

12. Missouri (6-0)
LAST: Beat Texas A&M 30-9.

13. Wisconsin (6-1)
LAST: Beat Ohio State 31-18.

14. Nebraska (5-1)
LAST: Lost to Texas 20-13.

15. Ohio State (6-1)
LAST: Lost to Wisconsin 31-18.

16. Stanford (5-1)
LAST: Bye.

17. Florida State (6-1)
LAST: Beat Boston College 24-19.
Text book definition of a let down.

18. Arizona (5-1)
LAST: Beat Washington State 24-7.

19. West Virginia (5-1)
LAST: Beat South Florida 20-6.

20. South Carolina (4-2)
LAST: Lost to Kentucky 31-28.
Still in the driver’s seat in the SEC East.

21. Arkansas (4-2)
LAST: Lost to Auburn 65-43.

22. Texas (5-2)
LAST: Beat Cal 48-14.

23. Virginia Tech (5-2)
LAST: Beat Wake Forest 52-21.
That is 5 straight for the Hokies.

24. Nevada (6-1)
LAST: Lost to Hawaii 27-21.

25. Mississippi State (5-2)
LAST: Beat Florida 10-7.

OTHERS TO WATCH: USC, Kansas State, Miami, Northwestern, Baylor, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Air Force, San Diego State, East Carolina, Southern Mississippi.

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