Monday, October 4, 2010

College Football Haven Top 25, Week 5, 2010

Rather than wait until the end of the year, I will take the time now to say, “I told you so.” I made a big deal about Florida being ranked too high and Texas as well in the USA Today and AP preseason polls. Texas is going to win most of the games they have left and climb to a decent ranking by the end of the year. Florida will benefit by a down year in the SEC, but 3 losses is the minimum for this team.

This week there was some movement up top. Alabama and Ohio State switched spots at 2 and 3 and Oregon and TCU switched spots at 4 and 5. While the coaches and the AP felt Boise State should drop a spot, I disagree. Don’t worry, I am not so drunk with Boise State Kool-Aid that I won’t drop them from the top. If you read last week’s post about Boise State, you should have a pretty good idea what it will take for me to move them down. Of course, other teams need to keep putting pressure on as well. Michigan State is this week’s big mover—up 10 after beating Wisconsin.

1. Boise State (4-0)
LAST: Beat New Mexico State 59-0.

2. Alabama (5-0)
LAST: Beat Florida 31-6.
‘Bama moves up more because of Ohio State’s poor play, than Florida’s poor play.

3. Ohio State (5-0)
LAST: Beat Illinois 24-13.

4. Oregon (5-0)
LAST: Beat Stanford 52-31.
Outscored Stanford 49-10 after Stanford went up 21-3.

5. TCU (5-0)
LAST: Beat Colorado State 27-0.
Not the same team they were last year.

6. Nebraska (4-0)
LAST: Bye.

7. Arizona (4-0)
LAST: Bye.

8. Oklahoma (5-0)
LAST: Beat Texas 28-20.

9. Auburn (5-0)
LAST: Beat Louisiana-Monroe 52-3.

10. Utah (4-0)
LAST: Bye.

11. Michigan (5-0)
LAST: Beat Indiana 42-35.
As impressive as it has been, Michigan has only done as much as they did last year.

12. Michigan State (5-0)
LAST: Beat Wisconsin 34-24.
What is bigger—the Notre Dame win or the Wisconsin win?

13. Iowa (4-1)
LAST: Beat Penn State 24-3.

14. Miami (4-1)
LAST: Beat Clemson 30-21.

15. Arkansas (3-1)
LAST: Bye.

16. LSU (5-0)
LAST: Beat Tennessee 16-14.
When you win that ugly, you go down.

17. Stanford (4-1)
LAST: Lost to Oregon 52-31.

18. Nevada (5-0)
LAST: Beat UNLV 44-26.

19. Oklahoma State (3-1)
LAST: Beat Texas A&M 38-35.

20. Wisconsin (4-1)
LAST: Lost to Michigan State 34-24.

21. Kansas State (4-0)
LAST: Bye.

22. USC (4-1)
LAST: Lost to Washington 32-31.
USC should have treated Steve Sarkisian like a transfer and not allow him to take a job at another Pac-10 school.

23. North Carolina State (4-1)
LAST: Lost to Virginia Tech 41-30.
Can the Wolfpack regroup and make the ACC championship game?

24. Florida (4-1)
LAST: Lost to Alabama 31-6.
The worst thing for the SEC will be to have the Gators make it to Atlanta.

25. Northwestern (5-0)
LAST: Beat Minnesota 29-28.

OTHERS TO WATCH: South Carolina, Oregon State, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Southern Miss, West Virginia, Air Force, Temple.

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