Sunday, September 12, 2010

College Football Haven Top 25, Week 2, 2010

This week saw a lot of movement in the rankings. Nebraska jumped from 9 to 6, but that was more based on the unimpressive play of Arkansas and Wisconsin. Oregon is surging up the rankings. The Ducks have gone from my preseason 21 to number 7. South Carolina makes its debut at number 15 after an impressive win over Georgia. Five teams fell out of the rankings (Georgia Tech, BYU, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Georgia). They were replaced by South Carolina, Utah, Texas A&M, Stanford, and Oklahoma State. Michigan almost made it, but I remember 2009 starting very similar to 2010, so I want to see if the Wolverines have what it takes to win all season, not just get off to a fast start.

1. Boise State (1-0)
LAST: Bye.
The win last week now looks a lot less impressive.

2. Iowa (2-0)
LAST: Beat Iowa State 35-7.
So much for all that hype coming out of Ames.

3. TCU (2-0)
LAST: Beat Tennessee Tech 62-7.

4. Alabama (2-0)
LAST: Beat Penn State 24-3.

5. Ohio State (2-0)
LAST: Beat Miami 36-24.
Impressive win by Ohio State. Not sure yet which I was worse: my overestimation of Miami, or my underestimation of Ohio State.

6. Nebraska (2-0)
LAST: Beat Idaho 38-17.

7. Oregon (2-0)
LAST: Beat Tennessee 48-13.

8. Arkansas (2-0)
LAST: Beat Louisiana-Monroe 31-7.
Seventeen fourth quarter points made this look better than it was.

9. Wisconsin (2-0)
LAST: Beat San Jose State 27-14.

10. Oklahoma (2-0)
LAST: Beat Florida State 47-17.
The Sooners rebounded in a major way.

11. Houston (2-0)
LAST: Beat UTEP 54-24.
Revenge is costly. Houston lost star quarterback Caseto Keenum to injury in the third quarter.

12. Texas (2-0)
LAST: Beat Wyoming 34-7.

13. LSU (2-0)
LAST: Beat Vanderbilt 27-3.
Not sure if LSU should move up after leading only 10-3 after 3 quarters.

14. Arizona (2-0)
LAST: Beat Citadel 52-6.
Moving up based on style points. Next week is the real test (Iowa).

15. South Carolina (2-0)
LAST: Beat Georgia 17-6.
The new team to beat in the SEC East. Hopefully the Gamecocks don't fizzle out at the end this year.

16. Florida (2-0)
LAST: Beat South Florida 38-14.
Maybe South Florida is that good, but this score is deceptive. The Gators still have a lot to work on.

17. USC (2-0)
LAST: Beat Virginia 17-14.
The defense came to play this week, but where was the offense?

18. Oregon State (0-1)
LAST: Bye.

19. Miami (1-1)
LAST: Lost to Ohio State 36-24.
The Hurricanes still not all the way back yet.

20. Penn State (1-1)
LAST: Lost to Alabama 24-3.
The defense held its own. The offense has a way to go.

21. West Virginia (2-0)
LAST: Beat Marshall 24-21 OT.

22. Utah (2-0)
LAST: Beat UNLV 38-10.
Scored 38 points without their starting quarterback.

23. Stanford (2-0)
LAST: Beat UCLA 35-0.

24. Oklahoma State (2-0)
LAST: Beat Troy 41-38.

25. Texas A&M (2-0)
LAST: Beat Louisiana Tech 48-16.

OTHERS TO WATCH: Auburn, Air Force, Temple, Michigan, East Carolina, and Northwestern.

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