Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekly Trivia: The SEC and National Championships

The SEC is on a very, very impressive run winning the last four national championships. This week's trivia question is:
"Before this four year run started in 2006, how many years did it take the SEC to win four national championships?" (In other words, if you start with 2005, how many years do you have to go back until the SEC has won four national championships?)
Leave your answer in the comments section. The answer will be revealed next Wednesday when a new question is asked.

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  1. The SEC as we know it started in 1991, the BCS started in 98. Bama won it in 1992. Do they need to be OFFICIALLY CLAIMED? If not 77 78 79 Bama 80 Georgia

    Josh Logan

  2. Jez must be a bama homer. I guess you forgot about Spurrier and Fulmer winning Natties in 1996 and 1998. What about Saban and the Tigers in 2003?

  3. 2003 LSU
    1998 Tennessee
    1996 Florida
    1992 Alabama.

    The answer is 1992.