Thursday, September 2, 2010

Game Predictions, Week 1

The game predictions each week will be pretty simple and straight forward. I will select around 20-25 games that I find interesting, but that also represent each FBS conference. Feel free to chime in with your picks, or at least where you agree or disagree. If I leave out a game that really interests you, throw out your prediction for that.

Thursday, September 2
Pittsburgh at Utah: 24-21, Pitt
Northern Illinois at Iowa State: 21-14, Northern Illinois
Florida Atlantic at UAB: 17-10, UAB
Southern Mississippi at South Carolina: 31-24, South Carolina
USC at Hawaii: 38-7, USC
Minnesota at Middle Tennessee: 31-10, Minnesota

Friday, September 3
Arizona at Toledo: 21-17, Arizona

Saturday, September 4
TCU vs. Oregon State: 24-13 TCU
LSU vs. North Carolina: 28-14, LSU
Illinois vs. Missouri: 31-28, Missouri
Colorado vs. Colorado State: 21-13, Colorado
Kentucky at Louisville: 28-20, Kentucky
North Texas at Clemson: 34-13, Clemson
Troy at Bowling Green: 24-10, Bowling Green
New Mexico at Oregon: 28-10, Oregon
Purdue at Notre Dame: 21-13 Notre Dame
Memphis at Mississippi State: 31-10, Mississippi State
Cincinnati at Fresno State: 24-21, Fresno State
Western Michigan at Michigan State: 24-10, Michigan State
Connecticut at Michigan: 31-30, Michigan

Sunday, September 5
SMU at Texas Tech: 34-27, SMU

Monday, September 6
Virginia Tech vs. Boise State: 21-17, Boise State
Navy vs. Maryland: 31-17, Navy

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  1. Washington at BYU 21-17, BYU.... My prediction and hope.... mostly my hope.

  2. Jacory Harris is getting his Heisman Trophy campaign off on a high note.

    11-14, 188, 3 TD

    Can't do much better than that.

  3. That is a 262 pass efficiency for Harris.

  4. 3-3 after Thursday. Hope to do better Saturday.

  5. Michigan 31 - UConn 20

  6. Much better today. Only missed on the Troy-Bowling green game.

    At least I was close on the Michigan point total. Good day for the Wolverines. Big game next week.

  7. you are dead awful at predicting scores. 54 points off on the oregon new mexico game. that is about how far off a good prognosticator would be for 7 or 8 games in a week.
    usc hawaii, awful. southern miss south carolina, awful. colorado csu, awful. at least you pick who will win though.

  8. You forgot Arizona-Toledo.

    Granted some were pitiful. I didn't think Colorado-CSU was that bad (24-3 vs. 21-13).

    How about Notre Dame-Purdue? (23-12 vs. 21-13)
    Kentucky-Louisville wasn't that bad either (23-16 vs. 28-20)
    Clemson? (35-10 vs. 34-13)

    We'll see if things get better this week.