Saturday, September 4, 2010

GAME DAY TALK (9/4/10)

It's game day! We had our appetizers Thursday night, now it is time for the main course. I liked what I saw from Miami and Ohio State. Their game next week will be a good one. Utah got a big win over Pitt, the USC defense has me concerned, and Middle Tennessee State played much better than I expected after losing Dwight Dasher just a few days before the game. Logan Kilgore was impressive in the loss to Minnesota.

The comments section is here for you to share your thoughts about today's games and what happens in them.


  1. Florida sure didn't look like the number 3 team today. More like 16, right?

    I'm watching the Notre Dame-Purdue game. Brian Kelly's debut and Robert Marve, the Miami transfer, making his first start for Purdue. Notre Dame looks to have a good run game this year.

  2. Nice game from my Dawgs today. Aaron Murray looked good in his first ever college game and Georgia took care of business without their starting wide receivers and their leading rusher. Defense played nearly a perfect game except for giving up one big play. Huge game next week at South Carolina.

  3. Sort of lame to see all the lopsided match ups. Nice to see TCU-Oregon state match up. Oregon just obliviated New Mexico. Good to see the Irish with some defense.

  4. Devin,

    You got the BYU-Washington score pretty close. The only thing you missed was the safety.

  5. Georgia did look good, much better than Florida.

    That SC game will be huge. A good way to measure the team.