Sunday, September 26, 2010

College Football Haven Top 25, Week 4, 2010

I shook up the rankings some this week adding five teams that are still unbeaten, but were previously unranked. Texas, South Carolina, Oregon State, and West Virginia were dropped from the rankings after losses. Penn State fell out after an ugly win. The top 10 had some movement, but nothing extreme, with the exception of previously unranked Auburn coming in at 10. Some wild variations are seen from 11-20. That is due mostly to the season still being just four weeks old and we are still figuring out how good teams really are.

1. Boise State (3-0)
LAST: Beat Oregon State 37-24.

2. Ohio State (4-0)
LAST: Beat Eastern Michigan 73-20.
Terrell Pryor took advantage of this one to pad his stats.

3. Alabama (4-0)
LAST: Beat Arkansas 24-20.
Arkansas lost that game more than Alabama won it.

4. TCU (4-0)
LAST: Beat SMU 41-24.
TCU looked beatable Friday night.

5. Oregon (4-0)
LAST: Beat Arizona State 42-31.
Arizona State might not win the Pac-10, but they could upset some teams looking for that title.

6. Wisconsin (4-0)
LAST: Beat Austin Peay 70-3.
Style points moves Wisconsin ahead of Arizona and Nebraska.

7. Nebraska (4-0)
LAST: Beat South Dakota State 17-3.
I was expecting a let down, but not this much of one.

8. Arizona (4-0)
LAST: Beat Cal 10-9.
A defensive slug fest in the Pac-10?

9. Oklahoma (4-0)
LAST: Beat Cincinnati 31-29.

10. Auburn (4-0)
LAST: Beat South Carolina 35-27.
Cam Newton has Auburn on the verge of a special season.

11. Stanford (4-0)
LAST: Beat Notre Dame 37-14.
Jim Harbaugh has transformed Stanford.

12. Florida (4-0)
LAST: Beat Kentucky 48-14.

13. USC (4-0)
LAST: Beat Washington State 50-16.

14. North Carolina State (4-0)
LAST: Beat Georgia Tech 45-28.
The Wolfpack is my new favorite in the ACC.

15. LSU (4-0)
LAST: Beat West Virginia 20-14.

16. Utah (4-0)
LAST: Beat San Jose State 56-3.
That's better than Alabama did against the Spartans.

17. Michigan (4-0)
LAST: Beat Bowling Green 65-21.
I still have reservations about Michigan. I want to see them win some Big Ten games before jumping on the bandwagon.

18. Iowa (3-1)
LAST: Beat Ball State 45-0.

19. Miami (2-1)
LAST: Beat Pitt 31-3.

20. Arkansas (3-1)
LAST: Lost to Alabama 24-20.
That was a heart breaker.

21. Kansas State (4-0)
LAST: Beat UCF 17-13.

22. Michigan State (4-0)
LAST: Beat Northern Colorado 45-7.

23. Nevada (4-0)
LAST: Beat BYU 27-13.
The Wolf Pack is 4-0 for the first time since 1991.

24. Oklahoma State (3-0)
LAST: Bye.

25. Texas A & M (3-0)
LAST: Bye.

OTHERS TO WATCH: Penn State, Texas, South Carolina, Oregon State, West Virginia, Air Force, Temple, and Northwestern.

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