Tuesday, September 7, 2010

College Football Haven Top 25: Week 1, 2010

A quick explanation before unveiling the rankings. As we all know, most of the games in week one are mismatches, so we can't really tell if a 50 point win was impressive or expected. Therefore, my basic philosphy was if a team took care of business, then they maintained their position in the rankings. If they did not take care of business (i.e. Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, USC), then they dropped. I didn't drop them from the rankings (unless they lost) but I didn't give them the benefit of the doubt and keep them ranked above teams that didn't struggle. I don't like to have 0-1 teams ranked after the first week, but considering who Oregon State and Virginia Tech played, it doesn't make sense to drop them out of the rankings. Now to the rankings.

1. Boise State (1-0)
LAST: Beat Virginia Tech 33-30.
The Broncos started extremely fast, cooled off, and finished hot to score the go ahead touchdown with 1:09 left.

2. Iowa (1-0)
LAST: Beat E. Illinois 37-7.

3. TCU (1-0)
LAST: Beat Oregon State 30-21.

4. Alabama (1-0)
LAST: Beat San Jose State 48-3.

5. Ohio State (1-0)
LAST: Beat Marshall 45-7.

6. Miami (1-0)
LAST: Beat Florida A&M 45-0.

7. Arkansas (1-0)
LAST: Beat Tennessee Tech 44-3.

8. Wisconsin (1-0)
LAST: Beat UNLV 41-21.

9. Nebraska (1-0)
LAST: Beat Western Kentucky 49-10.

10. Florida State (1-0)
LAST: Beat Samford 59-6.

11. Penn State (1-0)
LAST: Beat Youngstown State 44-14.

12. Georgia Tech (1-0)
LAST: Beat South Carolina State 41-10.

13. Oregon (1-0)
LAST: Beat New Mexico 72-0.

14. Houston (1-0)
LAST: Beat Texas State 68-28.

15. LSU (1-0)
LAST: Beat North Carolina 30-24.
LSU barely beat a North Carolina team that was missing several key players.

16. USC (1-0)
LAST: Beat Hawaii 49-36.
The defense has me concerned. If they don't fix things, then 2010 will look a lot like 2009.

17. BYU (1-0)
LAST: Beat Washington 23-17.

18. Texas (1-0)
LAST: Beat Rice 34-17.
When I said there would be growing pains, this is what I meant. Things won't come as easy as they have the last few years.

19. Oklahoma (1-0)
LAST: Beat Utah State 31-27.
This was totally unexpected. I thought Oklahoma finished its growing pains last year.

20. Florida (1-0)
LAST: Beat Miami (OH) 34-12.
If I tell you this will be a 3 loss season for Florida, will you believe me?

21. Virginia Tech (0-1)
LAST: Lost to Boise State 33-30.

22. Oregon State (0-1)
LAST: Lost to TCU 30-21.

23. Georgia (1-0)
LAST: Beat Louisiana Lafeyette 55-7.

24. West Virginia (1-0)
LAST: Beat Costal Carolina 31-0.

25. Arizona (1-0)
LAST: Beat Toledo 41-2.

OTHERS TO WATCH: Auburn, Air Force, Georgia, Stanford, Temple, Rutgers, South Carolina, Utah, and Northwestern.

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  1. sooooo, you are saying Boise State didnt struggle? funny, I thought they had to come from behind to win.

  2. Struggling against Virginia Tech is a lot different than struggling against Miami, Ohio; Utah State, Rice, and Hawaii.

    VT was my preseason #13. I didn't expect Boise State to win by 30, 40, or 50 points.

    After jumping out to that big lead and then falling behind, I did consider dropping Boise State, but it came down to not having any one to move ahead of them. If I had Boise State #1 for the preseason, why would that change now. Iowa, Alabama played as expected against their opponents. TCU did as well (Oregon State was 15 in my preseason poll). Boise State matched the expectations.

  3. this has to be the most retarded ranking that I've seen ANYWHERE!!!!

  4. Would you like to elaborate on why this ranking is so retarded? You must be one of those that things all preseason/early season rankings are dumb.

    I find Florida ranked number 6 still in the coaches poll a little more retarded.

    Remember it is a long season. It will become clear who is and who isn't really a top team and each week the rankings will adjust. I have no "sacred cows."

  5. I am a Buckeye Fun...but how can ANYONE put anyone other than Alabama #1 until they prove they don't deserve it? I agree with the other poster, this is....different.

  6. The Editor is not the only one who has ranked BSU above Alabama. BSU got 8 number one votes in the AP poll(which is more number one votes than OSU got). Plus, several people have predicted BSU playing the National Championship game.

    So, while it is not the most popular choice right now, it is certainly is not too "different" or far from "retarded."

  7. Here is why Alabama is not number 1: They lost 9 starters on defense, while Boise State only lost 1. Seven Bama players were drafted in the NFL draft.

    The turnover in college football takes its toll. Each year is a new start for everyone. The team that ends on top is not entitled to that top spot the next year, IMO.