Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heisman Hopefuls: Auburn QB Cam Newton Controls The Race In More Ways Than One

While there is still a lot of football to play, the Heisman Hopefuls are starting to become clear cut. I have kept several players On the Radar, but the only one that might eventually make it up is Justin Blackmon. As for the rest, two players were eliminated, and one is hanging on by a thread. The most interesting twist this week was the news about Cam Newton being shopped for $200,000 out of Blinn Junior College. It would be a tragedy if this report is true.

PLAYERS WHO STOOD OUT: Cam Newton had a great passing day. His pass efficiency rating was over 261. Granted it was just Chattanooga. I have gotten so used to the big games in both passing and rushing that I didn't think that Newton had a stand out performance. He is, after all, a quarterback, so if he only tears it up through the air it should still count as a stand out game.

Kellen Moore exploded for 507 yards. He is the only quarterback on this list to throw for 500 yards this year. He completed over 80 percent of his passes.

PLAYERS DROPPED: Initially, I planned to drop Denard Robinson. His durability is starting to become a hindrance to his team. He left the game early, again, and it could have cost Michigan the game. He only completed 50 percent of his passes. However, his pass efficiency was over 200, and his passing yardage was over 300. Robinson is still the nations leading rusher as well. While we all assume the Wolverines will lose to Wisconsin and Ohio State, Michigan might surprise all of us and win one or both of those games. That would help Robinson's case immensely. It will also help if Cam Newton is declared ineligible over this report that he was being shopped around to the highest bidding school last year. This is college football, and “anything can happen.”

Taylor Martinez missed this week due to injury. That put him farther behind Newton and Robinson. With Kansas, Texas A&M, and Colorado on the schedule, plus a Big XII Championship game, Martinez could post some huge numbers, but I don't think it is going to be enough. Don't forget that Roy Helu is becoming a bigger part of the Cornhusker offense.

Terrelle Pryor has been on the list all season, but the fact of the matter is he is not having any better of a season than Andy Dalton at TCU. Neither of them can match Denard Robinson and Cam Newton. I would even vote for LaMichael James over Pryor or Dalton at this point. I have both Pryor and Dalton on the radar, but some strange changes will have to happen for them to make it to New York.

PLAYERS TOEING THE LINE: Robinson is still toeing the line for the durability issues already noted. 

PLAYERS ADDED: No players were added this week.

LaMichael James, Oregon
2009: 230 rushes, 1,546 yards, 14 TD
2010: 196 rushes, 1,331 yards, 17 TD
Last: 26 rushes, 121 yards, 3 TD

Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State
2009: 89 rushes, 382 yards, 1 TD
2010: 203 rushes, 1,240 yards, 14 TD
Last: 14 rushes, 66 yards, 2 TD

Denard Robinson, Michigan
2009: 14-31 (45.4%), 188 yards, 2 TD, 4 Int
2010: 118-186 (63.4%), 1,814 yards, 13 TD, 7 Int / 183 rushes, 1,349 yards, 12 TD
Last: 10-20 (50.0%), 305 yards, 3 TD, 2 Int / 19 rushes, 62 yards

Kellen Moore, Boise State
2009: 277-431 (64.3%), 3,536 yards, 39 TD, 3 INT
2010: 155-216 (71.8%), 2,372 yards, 21 TD, 4 Int.
Last: 30-37 (81.1%), 507 yards, 3 TD, 2 Int.

Cameron Newton, Auburn
2009: Junior College
2010: 123-183 (67.2%), 1,890 yards, 19 TD, 5 Int / 176 rushes, 1,146 yards, 15 TD
Last: 15-21 (71.4%), 317 yards, 4 TD, 0 Int / 8 rush, 24 yards, 1 TD

ON THE RADAR: Ricky Stanzi, Iowa; Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State; Robert Griffin III, Baylor, Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State, Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State, Andy Dalton, TCU.

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