Monday, November 29, 2010

Poll Results: Who Will Win The Big XII?

The poll results are in and 41% of voters thought that Oklahoma State would win the Big XII. That obviously won't happen now. Nebraska was a close second with 39%. The Big XII South representative in this week's championship game Oklahoma was third with 17%. The Texas A&M Aggies had 2% and Missouri the last 1% of the vote.

Thank you to all who voted. Don't forget to vote in this week's question: "Should Nevada be ranked higher (#14/#17) after beating Boise State?"


  1. I am so sick and tired of seeing Oklahoma always seemingly end-up in such a glorious position after every season. They lost to Missouri and A&M, yet everyone thinks they are so good. There is absolutely no comparison to the SEC West! Plus I feel sorry for OK State and A&M...BCS SUCKS!

  2. I am with you. This is clearly not the same Oklahoma team that Bob Stoops had 5-10 years ago. I was really pulling for OK State on Saturday. Who wants to see an Oklahoma team that struggled to beat Utah State and Air Force play in a BCS game? Then again, Nebraska didn't loot impressive against South Dakota State or Iowa State.

    The Big 12 is down this year. You are right about the SEC West. No division compares to it.