Monday, November 15, 2010

College Football Haven Top 25, Week 11, 2010

I made a slight change in the top 5 this week. Oregon slipped to number 3 for barely beating Cal. Many others might be willing to look the other way, but I am not. Sure it was on the road, but if you are a national champion caliber team, you can go into 5-4 team’s house and score more than 15 and win by more than 2.

I also bumped Michigan State up to number 7. That was a result of Iowa losing. I had dropped the Spartans below the Hawkeyes since Iowa thoroughly dominated Michigan State a few weeks back, but now that Iowa has three losses I can’t keep Michigan State behind them. I also can’t keep Michigan State behind Wisconsin since Sparty won head-to-head 34-24. Therefore, even though Wisconsin left me speechless with their 83-20 win, they dropped one spot.

For the second straight week, the MAC has two teams, Northern Illinois and Temple. I noticed that Northern Illinois beat Temple earlier this year, so NIU has moved ahead of them in the rankings. If Temple wins its next two, then they will meet again in the MAC Championship game.

The bottom five teams are the first three loss teams to be ranked this year. Texas A&M is the top among them for having both quality wins (Oklahoma and Baylor) and quality losses (Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Missouri). USC comes next because without two last second field goals (one by Stanford) the Trojans would be 9-1. I have been reluctant to rank Northwestern this year even when their record was much glossier, but I can’t deny them a spot now. South Carolina gets the nod over Mississippi State for 24 as the SEC East division champions and for beating Alabama earlier this year, while Mississippi State lost to the Crimson Tide on Saturday. San Diego State lands the final spot despite losing this week, because they had quality losses and no other three loss team impresses me.

1. Boise State (9-0)
LAST: Beat Idaho 52-14.

2. Auburn (11-0)
LAST: Beat Georgia 49-31.
Last minute ejections could prove costly against Alabama.

3. Oregon (10-0)
LAST: Beat Cal 15-13.
The Ducks don’t look invincible anymore.

4. TCU (11-0)
LAST: Beat San Diego State 40-35.
Did TCU have a letdown or were they exposed?

5. LSU (9-1)
LAST: Beat Louisiana-Monroe 51-0.

6. Stanford (9-1)
LAST: Beat Arizona State 17-13.
What happened to both teams’ offenses?

7. Michigan State (9-1)
LAST: Bye.

8. Wisconsin (9-1)
LAST: Beat Indiana 83-20.

9. Nebraska (9-1)
LAST: Beat Kansas 20-3.

10. Oklahoma State (9-1)
LAST: Beat Texas 33-16.
The Cowboys better not look past the Kansas Jayhawks.

11. Ohio State (9-1)
LAST: Beat Penn State 38-14.

12. Alabama (8-2)
LAST: Beat Mississippi State 30-10.

13. Arkansas (8-2)
LAST: Beat UTEP 58-21.

14. Missouri (8-2)
LAST: Beat Kansas State 38-28.

15. Oklahoma (8-2)
LAST: Beat Texas Tech 45-7.

16. Virginia Tech (8-2)
LAST: Beat North Carolina 26-10.

17. Nevada (9-1)
LAST: Beat Fresno State 35-34.

18. Utah (8-2)
LAST: Lost to Notre Dame 28-3.

19. Northern Illinois (8-2)
LAST: Beat Toledo 65-30.
Can clinch the MAC West with a win this week.

20. Temple (8-2)
LAST: Bye.
Huge game against Ohio on Tuesday.

21. Texas A&M (7-3)
LAST: Beat Baylor 42-30.

22. USC (7-3)
LAST: Beat Arizona 24-21.
No last second field goal to spoil this one for USC.

23. Northwestern (7-3)
LAST: Beat Iowa 21-17.

24. South Carolina (7-3)
LAST: Beat Florida 36-14.

25. San Diego State (7-3)
LAST: Lost to TCU 40-35.

OTHERS TO WATCH: Florida State, North Carolina State, Mississippi State, Miami, Iowa, Southern Mississippi, Maryland, UCF.

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