Monday, November 8, 2010

College Football Haven Top 25, Week 10, 2010

Boise State may be falling in the other rankings, but they are staying put in the College Football Haven Top 25. They rolled up 747 yards of total offense against a good Hawaii team, and they held the potent Warriors offense to just 196 yards. I know rankings are based on just one season, but without a better way to judge, I give the Broncos the top spot because of their wins over TCU and Oregon last year.

LSU moved up to number 5, taking Utah's place and jumping number 6 Stanford, with the win over Alabama. Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Iowa are in the top 10 now with Alabama, Missouri, and Oklahoma losing. Temple, San Diego State, and Northern Illinois all entered the rankings as several other two loss teams near the bottom lost.

Utah fell all the way to 13, and Alabama to 14. Missouri landed at 16 and Oklahoma right behind them at 17. Arizona comes in at number 20.

1. Boise State (8-0)
LAST: Beat Hawaii 42-7.
Boise State sent Hawaii back to the islands on a 747 (yards of total offense).

2. Oregon (9-0)
LAST: Beat Washington 53-16.

3. Auburn (10-0)
LAST: Beat Chattanooga 62-24.

4. TCU (10-0)
LAST: Beat Utah 47-7.
The Horned Frogs made the biggest statement on Saturday.

5. LSU (8-1)
LAST: Beat Alabama 24-21.
Hard to deny this year that LSU is legit.

6. Stanford (8-1)
LAST: Beat Arizona 42-17.
Finally, a quality win for the Cardinals.

7. Wisconsin (8-1)
LAST: Beat Purdue 34-13.

8. Nebraska (8-1)
LAST: Beat Iowa State 31-30, OT.
On a week when other top teams were losing, Nebraska will be happy with a win any way it comes.

9. Oklahoma State (8-1)
LAST: Beat Baylor 55-28.
Oklahoma State used their three headed monster (Weedon, Hunter, Blackmon) to take down RGIII.

10. Iowa (7-2)
LAST: Beat Indiana 18-13.

11. Michigan State (9-1)
LAST: Beat Minnesota 31-8.

12. Ohio State (8-1)
LAST: Bye.

13. Utah (8-1)
LAST: Lost to TCU 47-7.

14. Alabama (7-2)
LAST: Lost to LSU 24-21.

15. Arkansas (7-2)
LAST: Beat South Carolina 41-20.
If they only could have held on against Alabama.

16. Missouri (7-2)
LAST: Lost to Texas Tech 24-17.

17. Oklahoma (7-2)
LAST: Lost to Texas A&M 33-19.

18. Virginia Tech (7-2)
LAST: Beat Georgia Tech 28-21.

19. Nevada (7-1)
LAST: Beat Idaho 63-17.

20. Arizona (7-2)
LAST: Lost to Stanford 42-17.

21. Mississippi State (7-2)
LAST: Bye.

22. Central Florida (UCF) (7-2)
LAST: Beat Houston 40-33.

23. Temple (8-2)
LAST: Beat Kent State 28-10.

24. San Diego State (7-2)
LAST: Beat Colorado State 24-19.

25. Northern Illinois (7-2)
LAST: Bye.

OTHERS TO WATCH: Kansas State, Pitt, Baylor, Florida State, Florida, Penn State, North Carolina State, South Carolina, Texas A&M, North Carolina, Miami.

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