Monday, November 2, 2009

TOP 25, WEEK 9

Notwithstanding my gut feeling about Georgia upseting Florida being wrong, I will not put Florida back on top for beating a team that I did not even rank in my preseason top 25. What I will do is take comfort in knowing that I accurately assessed how Georgia would perform this year while most other people had Georgia somewhere in the top 15, or close to it. I would lkie to move Boise State up after Oregon threw USC back down to earth. However, no one in the top 5 did anything to hurt their positions (Iowa was already behind Boise State). Only one spot in the bottom 11 stayed the same (Miami at 21). I hesitated last week to show some love to teams like Temple and Idaho, but they showed me that they could win on a weekend when other two-loss teams and one-loss teams could not win against foes with worse records. As I said last week, I love this time of year: November is crunch time. Most of these teams will prove they are top material or they will fall as every team is playing its best ball.

1. TCU (8-0)

2. Cincinnati (8-0)

3. Alabama (8-0)

4. Texas (8-0)

5. Florida (8-0)

6. Boise State (7-0)

7. Iowa (9-0)

8. Oregon (7-1)

9. Penn State (8-1)

10. Georgia Tech (8-1)

11. LSU (7-1)

12. Houston (7-1)

13. Pittsburg (7-1)

14. Utah (7-1)

15. USC (6-2)

16. Ohio State (7-2)

17. Notre Dame (6-2)

18. Wisconsin (6-2)

19. South Florida (5-2)

20. Oklahoma State (6-2)

21. Miami (FL) (6-2)

22. Cal (6-2)

23. Idaho (7-2)

24. Temple (6-2)

25. Central Michigan (7-2)

OTHERS TO WATCH: Troy, West Virginia, Rutgers

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  1. There is a very interesting mix of teams in your top eight. There could be a lot of debate about where all of those undefeated teams fit. It would be very interesting to see them duke it out at the end of the season. I think that we would learn a lot about the relative strengths of each conference (if it isn't obvious enough yet). I would very much like to see a tournament at the end of the year. There would be just as much competition to get into/stay in the tournament spots and to get good seeds. Also, no Heisman voting could go down until after the playoff.