Saturday, November 14, 2009


Saturday is upon us once more. Again, the weekend has gotten off to a great start with the early games. Rutgers ambushed South Florida 31-0 on Thursday, and Cincinnati held on to beat West Virginia 24-21 yesterday. Today features Utah vs. TCU, Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh, Ohio State vs. Iowa, and Stanford vs. USC. Florida vs. South Carolina is always worth keeping an eye on with Steve Spurrier on the SC sideline. Idaho and Boise State in the WAC will give us a true measuring stick of how good Idaho really is. The upset alert is on Penn State vs. Indiana. Indiana has played almost everyone close this year, and Penn State could suffer a let down after their disappointing game against Ohio State last week. Don't be shy. Fill the comments section with your thoughts and reactions to today's games.


  1. Looks like Texas is rolling over Baylor which isn't unexpected. Tough draw for TCU today. They have a big game and it won't matter how well they do if no one ahead of them flinches first. All they can do is take care of the team lining up accross from them and root for the teams playing numbers 1, 2, and 3.

    Go Frogs!

  2. TCU, welcome to the blog. Texas sure seems to be peaking at the right time. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Texas A&M can find a way to upset the Longhorns. With an impressive win against Utah tonight, TCU would then be very tough to keep out of the championship game.

  3. The game recap for the BYU-New Mexico game is posted on

  4. Can I say it again: I love November football. Look at the great games from today.
    Stanford trashed USC.
    Central Florida pushed Houston around.
    North Carolina stuck it to Miami.
    Ohio State and Iowa went to overtime, even though Iowa was without its starting quarterback.
    Look at Louisians Tech hanging with LSU. Upset is still very possible. How much will that help Boise State in the BCS to have a WAC team beat an upper echelon SEC team?
    TCU 38 first half points against the Utes. PLEASE tell me I am wrong to rank TCU number 1. Just remember you saw it here first.
    Let's not neglect Temple, 56-17 over Akron. This team is for real.

  5. Thanks for the welcome Editor. You may be right to rank TCU #1 but even if they win out they will never get a chance to see how good they really are. If Texas and the SEC champ don't lose any games TCU gets left in the cold and there isn't anyone of their caliber left to play.

    Best case scenario is Alabama taking the SEC champioship and going to the national championship game and TCU playing Florida for sloppy seconds. That would really be the only chance TCU can make a statement outside of the national championship game.

    The worst case scenario would be to have to play Boise again in a silly rematch from last year.

  6. Wow, TCU is phenomenal. BYU was sleep walking. Stanford offense is looking crazy good!