Saturday, November 28, 2009


Let's get it going. Today should be a great day. Rivalries are already making things interesting. Pitt just lost to rival West Virginia last night, while Alabama and Texas were taken to the wire against their rivals. What will happen today? This is must see TV.


  1. Upsets are in the making all over the place: Clemson is down 17 to South Carolina with less than 3 minutes to play.

    Mississippi State is leading Ole Miss by 14 with less than 5 minutes to play.

    NC State beat North Carolina by 1.

    Oklahoma is up 20-0 against Oklahoma State, but there is still plenty of time left in this one.

  2. It is too bad that pretty much the only thing on the line today for any of the games is bragging rights until next November.

    A&M and Auburn could have made things interesting this weekend but couldn't keep going the full 60 minutes. Pitt did lose to West Virginia but Pitt will still play for the conference championship and a BCS berth.

    The only game I see between ranked opponents is the BYU vs. Utah matchup but they are only playing for second place in their conference.

    The only game today that can change the way the season ends for a team is the Florida vs. Florida State game. FSU has a chance to show up for the game and execute through four quarters and hopefully avoid a SEC vs. Big 12 national championship game.

    It is just hard to get too excited about the Ole Miss vs. Mississippi upset in progress or North Carolina losing to their in state rivals.

    The argument for the BCS is that every week of the regular season matters. I have a hard time seeing this one really matter for me.

  3. CJ Spiller set a new NCAA record with 7 touchdowns off kick returns in his career. Congratulations to this electifying and talented player. Although I have not bought into the heisman hype for him, he is a great player with an unmistakable impact. Clemson would not be in the position it is today without him.

  4. TCU, don't forget that OSU is almost guaranteed a slot in the Fiesta bowl with a win, which would be the first BCS bowl for that school. That is why I am watching with particular interest in the OSU-OU game. Besides OU spoiling OSU's season with a win, a Sooners win would greatly enhance Boise State's chances for a BCS bid since TCU is taking care of business against New Mexico and will get an automatic berth.

  5. But I can understand the lack of interst in some of these upsets. They don't benefit your team-TCU. If BYU was undefeated, I don't think I would be as excited either. Based on BYU's poll position, these upsets mean much more for me and the "best possible scenario" for my Cougars.

  6. I disagree that Oklahoma State should get the Fiesta Bowl bid based on the season they have had but they withdrew themselves from consideration based on the way they played on the field today.

    I did overlook the other OU vs. OSU game which does have BCS implications with the PAC-10's automatic bid on the line. Oregon would be tough team for the BCS to overlook even if they do lose today to Oregon State.

  7. The "best possible scenario" is a difficult proposition though. For example, the team ranked immediately above BYU is Clemson. A loss today would mean that BYU can leap frog them this week. However, it hurts TCUs strength of schedule and their BCS score which is bad for BYU. The higher BCS score the better so they can secure the best possible BCS bid which means more money for all the schools in the conference including BYU.

    Even with Clemson's loss today. They still get one more game which would be a quality win for Clemson and a BCS bowl bid. A victory there would probably leapfrog them back over BYU in the final standings.

    It is a challenging proposition to guess what the ultimate impact of a game is to a team that isn't playing in the game. Sometimes it is obvious but more often than not it is difficult to see the long term effect.

  8. On a lighter subject, what name do you prefer for the BYU-Utah game later today. The "Holy War", "Church versus State", or "The Duel in the Desert"?

  9. I am not a fan of "Holy War." I know where it comes from, but I feel sacreligious using a religious express for a football game. That also rules out "Church versus State." "The Duel in the Desert" is too long.

    Maybe something like "Blue and Red Bowl" or "Wasatch War."

  10. So BYU is up on Utah at the half. BYU really needs to do better in the blue zone if they want to win this. BYU controlled the game the entire second quarter but only got out ahead by one touchdown.

    Utah is too good at making halftime adjustments to be let off the hook this easy right at the end of the half.

  11. Can't agree more about BYU finishing drives. The field goals are reminding me of 2007 when we nearly lost because all we could get was three field goals, which let Utah take a 10-9 lead late in the game. Luckily, BYU answered Utah's touchdown with a touchdown to win 17-10.