Saturday, November 28, 2009


The game recap for the BYU-Utah game is now posted at


  1. That game was such a catastrophe. "Disconcerting the Snap Count" and "Trying to Block a Kick Wrongly" in the same game? The BYUs got scoreboard and I would take the win too, but that was not much to be proud of. It was very ugly and then we got the fallout with the whole Max Hall tirade/apology. What a freaking mess. I'm glad to be distanced from it enough to forget it quickly.

  2. Can I call a delay of game? There has been a lot going on and a lot is going to happen soon in college football and you don't have a single post this week.

    Oregon beat Oregon St and with their loss Oregon St is no longer a serious BCS candidate which is good for Boise St's chances of getting a bowl bid.

    For the 10 BCs openings, two are filled (Rose Bowl: Ohio St vs Oregon), we will have the Big 12 champion (likely Texas), Big East (Cincinatti or Pitt), ACC (Georgia Tech or Clemson), and the SEC champion (Florida or Alabama) and the highest ranked non-automatic qualifier, currently the Horned Frogs of TCU.

    The loser of the SEC conference championship is a shoe-in for a game especially since the winner will likely play in the National Championship game. Iowa is considered a strong contender too. That leaves only one spot left. Texas will get it if they lose their last game but is Iowa more desrving than BSU? What team would you send?

    Where do you see BYU ending up? There is a lot of talk about the Poinsetta Bowl but I thought they would go to the Las Vegas Bowl? Doesn't Vagas have to take them or will BYU be snubbed in favor of Utah?

  3. I will second TCU's comments. I've been coming everyday to see if you (Scott) have any insights or comments. I'd love to see a post soon.

  4. Yeah, I'm right there too! Come on Scott! You didn't even do your "Recaction to the Rankings" on! What about your ranknigs this week? Your Heisman canidates? I understand if there is some add stress with work or family or something, but at least let us know!

  5. There is a lot going on in college football today, some of it has implications for Mountain West teams. The two biggest games may determine which bowl the Horned Frogs of TCU go to and if Boise St gets a shot at another big game.

    Another interesting game for the MWC is the USC-Arizona game. If I understand it correctly, the winner will likely face the MWC opponent in the Poinsetta Bowl. I would like to see BYU have a chance to play USC this year to see how that goes for them. I think that would be a good test.

    Another thing I thought would be a fun fact to point out is how consistent MWC teams were this year in conference play. There is no team that lost to a team ranked below them and no ties.

    TCU 8-0
    BYU 7-1
    Utah 6-2
    AFA 5-3
    Wyo. 4-4
    UNLV 3-5
    SDSU 2-6
    UNM 1-7
    CSU 0-8

    I really thought CSU had a good year ahead of them but they struggled badly in conference play.

  6. Sorry everyone about dropping off the face of the earth. As some of you know, my wife and I welcomed our fourth child to the world at the end of September. I need to temporarily stop blogging to pursue better employment to provide adequately for my family. Sadly, blogger and isportsweb don't pay, so they were forced out.

    I appreciate your interest and hopefully by next year I will be back. (unless a miracle happens and I find better employment by bowl season). I still have many more ideas on the hot football topics, including my solution for the BCS that I never got to post.

  7. Yeah, I CSU was going to panout a lot better too. I also thought SDSU might surprise some people this year, but I guess not.

    How about the Cincy/Pitt game? If Pitt wins it would have some major ramifications on Boise St. chances at an at large bid, and right now now it looks like Pitt has a good chance (they are up 31-17 at halftime!). This would also effect BYU's ranking, and it is in the MWC's best interest for BYU to finish as highly ranked as possible.

  8. I don't know if a Cincy loss would translate into bad news for Boise. If Cincinatti get knocked 10 spots in the polls they are out of consideration. Cincinatti's has three good wins over West Virginia, Oregon State and South Florida. However, Pitt is by far the best team they have played and the other three wins may not keep them ranked above 14. Even if they are, it may be bad news for Iowa as a bowl that would prefer to take Iowa may take a one-loss Cincinatti team instead.

    I think the best thing for BYU is a Cincy win. Pitt will jump BYU in the BCS standings with a win and the Bearcats *may* not fall out of the top 14. Not playing this week will hurt BYU if any one moves.

  9. To The Editor -
    Congrats on the baby and sorry to hear about your employment difficulties. I hope things start looking up soon.

  10. Sorry to hear that Scott. I'm glad there is still place that I can come to read other people's thoughts about college football though.

    TCU -
    Interesting comment about the MWC standing. Everything did fall out quite oderly.

    There were some interesting upsets today, but Nebraska couldn't pull it off in the end. It's really to bad because I really think that if TCU got a shot at the Championship game, they would win it no matter who played them.

    On the other hand, the upsets that did happen will probably improve Utah's standings in the BCS rankings adding more to MWC's reputation. If the MWC keeps this up, it'll be hard not to make them AQ conference.

    Now that Arizona upset USC and Washington upset Cal, it'll be interesting to see who they put in the Las Vegas bowl and Poinsetta bowl. Las Vegas bowl get 5th pick from Pac-10 and Poinsetta gets 6th. Oregon is a clear 1st place. Then there is a three-way tie for 2nd place. It'll be interesting to see how the bowls sort that out. That puts USC at 5th and Cal at 6th. If everything goes according to ranking in the conference, then USC will go to the Vegas bowl and Cal to the Poinsetta. It would be great to see BYU play USC. However, the Vegas bowl hasn't seemed to hot about a fifth trip from BYU to their bowl, even though BYU beat Utah and is higher ranked in the BCS and could create an excellent match-up. A BYU-Cal match up would be intersting as well and I would feel really good about BYU's chances of beating Cal. A Utah-USC match up would be good also, but I don't know how well Jordan Wynn, Utah's freshamn QB would match up against USC's defense. It could turn out to a defensive battle if Utah and USC play eachother. I guess, we'll find out soon where everyone is going. Maybe we'll see a TCU-Florida match-up. That be great!

  11. P.S. Scott, Good luck on betering your employment.