Saturday, November 28, 2009


The game preview for BYU vs. Utah is posted on Check it out to see what I will be watching for and what other story lines have caught my interest If you have not been to that sight lately, take a good look at the other posts. I have made several this week.

Let me address some specific questions from you who follow the blog that I was unable to work into the post on isportsweb. No, Utah does not have the right personnel to stretch BYU to the breaking point. I think BYU is in complete control whether they win this game and by how much. That isn't to say that Utah does not have talented player who will put up a fight, but if BYU executes well then BYU will get their points and the Utah offense will struggle with an inexperienced quarterback, whether it is Terrence Cain or Jordan Wynn. I don't consider the Utah passing game aggressive. They rely on a solid run game and use the pass to keep teams honest, and with this year's quarterbacks, the run definitely comes first with Utah. Yes, I think BYU will excute well enough to win, and I just might get what we have not had yet this century, a big BYU win. All four of our wins have been fourth quarter comebacks, while Utah has had two blowouts this decade.


  1. Home field advantage won this game. Brigham Young has a large stadium and gives away thousands of tickets to students and locals. Next year, home field goes to Utah with a smaller stadium (but always sold out) and a less vocal crowd.

  2. It was a very close game, but I don't think that I would credit Home Field Advantage as the difference maker. You can read my reaction to it on (

    Thanks for the comment.