Saturday, October 31, 2009


This might be the biggest weekend in college football this year. The slate of games includes: Florida vs. Georgia, USC at Oregon, and Texas at Oklahoma State. If the Thursday and Friday games are any indication of how this week will go all three of these games are must see. North Carolina shocked Virginia Tech 20-17, and South Florida upended West Virginia 30-19 last night. I don't know why, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Georgia is going to beat Florida. It is sort of a trap game for Florida. Although it is a rivalry game, Georgia is down this year, so the Gators might be looking past the Bulldogs or just have a false sense of security. Florida has not been playing up to par most of this year. Georgia has nothing to lose, and Florida has a lot to lose. Oregon and USC is intriguing to me because win or lose, Oregon still has a viable shot at playing in the BCS. Whereas Boise State could go undefeated, yet be on the outside looking in, even though they toppled Oregon for the second straight year. The last time these two teams met at Oregon, Oregon beat USC with redshirt sophomore quarterback Marc Sanchez. Now, USC has a true freshman at quarterback. What impact will that have? Oklahoma State is without star receiver Dez Bryant and star running back Kendall Hunter, but they have not seemed to miss a beat. The Cowboys have made it a habit to jump out to big leads early against the Longhorns, but let them stage furious comebacks and win. Maybe this year Oklahoma State will get over the hump and protect a lead. Any way you slice it, this Saturday looks to have everything we have come to expect from this great sport. Go ahead, jump into the mix by posting your comments on what you hope to see today and your reaction to it as it happens.


  1. Looks like things are following the upset trend of Thrusday and Friday: Indiana is up 21-14 against Iowa late in the thrid.

  2. So much for the upset in the big 10. 28 4th quarter points by Iowa turned a scare into a blowout.

  3. Iowa is the luckiest team in all of NCAA football. That pick returned for a touchdown, as amazing as it was, was the so lucky. How do you win a game throwing five picks?!? They will eventually lose to someone. If not in the regular season than in the Championship game or what ever BCS bowl that they go to.