Monday, September 28, 2009

TOP 25, WEEK 4

Can you say upset? Four of my top 10 teams lost. I didn't see that coming. Four other ranked teams lost (Florida State, Washington, Oregon State, and North Carolina) and I have dropped them from the rankings. While last week was difficult with some teams dropping significantly due to head-to-head results and identical records, this weeks results have given a better picture of teams' true stature. (Just as I predicted last week: "Any unfairness that you may feel this has caused will sort itself out by the end of the year.") After its opening week loss to Boise St., Oregon appears to have righted the ship, so they jump back into the rankings all the way at 12. Numbers 12 through 16 were difficult to order and are only separated by razon thin margins. South Carolina is the only one-loss team to enter the rankings (they beat Cal); all the other new comers are from the ranks of the remaining unbeatens. South Florida earned the last spot over Texas A&M and Wisconsin by virture of its win over formerly ranked Florida State, on the road, and without their 4-year starting quarterback. Since a top 5 team and multiple other ranked teams have lost every week, who do you predict will fall this week?

1. Florida (4-0)

2. Texas (4-0)

3. Iowa (4-0)

4. Boise St. (4-0)

5. TCU (3-0)

6. Alabama (4-0)

7. Cincinnati (4-0)

8. Houston (3-0)

9. Michigan (4-0)

10. LSU (4-0)

11. Virginia Tech (3-1)

12. Oregon (3-1)

13. USC (3-1)

14. BYU (3-1)

15. Penn St. (3-1)

16. Miami (FL) (3-1)

17. Ohio St. (3-1)

18. Oklahoma (2-1)

19. South Carolina (3-1)

20. Cal (3-1)

21. Auburn (4-0)

22. Georgia Tech (3-1)

23. Kansas (4-0)

24. Missouri (4-0)

25. South Florida (4-0)

OTHERS TO WATCH: Texas A&M, Wisconsin, Florida State, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Oregon State, North Carolina, Arkansas, West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Georgia, Florida St., Texas Tech

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