Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I know that consistent, quality posts are important to each of you when you visit this site. That is why I greatly regret that I am calling a time out. My wife gave birth to our fourth child last Monday, and although the baby is doing well and the delivery had no complications, my wife's hospital stay has been prolonged for precautionary measures. Not to worry, I have full confidence that she will be fine and leave very soon. However, I am unable to provide my usual Coaching post for today, and going forward, I am on day-to-day status. Don't let this stop you from discussing amongst yourselves the important issues and current events in college football through the comments section below. You can comment on the injuries of Tim Tebow or USC running back Stafon Johnson and how they might impact this season. What about Boise State moving higher in the polls and getting a shot at the national championship. One month is in the books, so what are the surprises and disappointments for you?

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  1. Congrats! Scott! Hope Sandra will make it out of the Hospital soon. She is in our prayers. I, also look forward to when things get back on schedule.