Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TOP 25, WEEK 1

Not a lot of movement after week 1. Mostly due to the fact that in my years of playing experience a win is a win, so I don't penalize a team for winning by a smaller margin than expected (Ohio State). Besides, this is a long season and if a close win is significant, the team will have some close or big losses. BYU jumped to number 4 after upseting former number 3 Oklahoma (now #11), and Boise State replaced Oregon at number 8 (Oregon is now #18). Miami (FL) and Florida State flip-flopped spots (Miami beat FSU 38-34), and Alabama and Virginia Tech did almost the same. Go ahead and weigh in on what you like and don't like.

1. Florida (1-0)

2. Texas (1-0)

3. USC (1-0)

4. BYU (1-0)

5. Penn St. (1-0)

6. Ohio St. (1-0)

7. Ole Miss (1-0)

8. Oklahoma St. (1-0)

9. Boise St. (1-0)

10. TCU (0-0)

11. Oklahoma (0-1)

12. Notre Dame (1-0)

13. Alabama (1-0)

14. Cal (1-0)

15. Georgia Tech (1-0)

16. Virginia Tech (0-1)

17. Miami (FL) (1-0)

18. Oregon (0-1)

19. Oregon St. (1-0)

20. Nebraska (1-0)

21. Iowa (1-0)

22. LSU (1-0)

23. North Carolina (1-0)

24. Arkansas (1-0)

25. West Virginia (1-0)

OTHERS TO WATCH: Georgia, Florida St., Kansas, Texas Tech


  1. Very Interesting, however, I don't feel the Florida State desrved to fall out of the Top 25 for their lose to Miami. That was a very tough and very close game, and Florida State didn't play bad by any means. Maybe drop to 23 or 24, maybe even 25, but to have them fall out? I guess I'm the only one though, since all the major polls have Florida State out as well.

  2. Who should I kick out? Everyother team won, so they would be penalized for Florida State's loss. This is all part of the early season process. At the end of the year FSU will be back, I think.

  3. Well I guess the FSU drop makes sense based on your Top 25 critiria, though I would probably have dropped either Oregon or V-Tech.