Monday, September 14, 2009

TOP 25, WEEK 2

This week there was more of a shake up. Notre Dame was replaced by Michigan. I still maintain that Notre Dame is a pretty good team this year, but I have to say I am impressed with Michigan's start. Houston has entered at number 22 after defeating Oklahoma State, and Cincinnati has replaced Oregon who has had a very uninspiring start (Cincinnati has beaten Rutgers 47-15 and Southeast Missouri State 70-3). Ohio State dropped to 13 (5 spots) after losing to USC. I have to say Ohio State did play better on the big stage, and I thought they would pull it out, so I didn't want to drop them too far. LSU and North Carolina both moved down a couple spots after their mediocre performances. Go ahead and weigh in on what you like and don't like.

1. Florida (2-0)

2. Texas (2-0)

3. USC (2-0)

4. BYU (2-0)

5. Penn St. (2-0)

6. Ole Miss (1-0)

7. Boise St. (2-0)

8. TCU (1-0)

9. Oklahoma (1-1)

10. Alabama (2-0)

11. Cal (2-0)

12. Georgia Tech (2-0)

13. Ohio St. (1-1)

14. Virginia Tech (1-1)

15. Miami (FL) (1-0)

16. Oregon St. (2-0)

17. Nebraska (2-0)

18. Iowa (2-0)

19. Michigan (2-0)

20. Arkansas (1-0)

21. Cincinnati (2-0)

22. Houston (2-0)

23. LSU (2-0)

24. North Carolina (2-0)

25. West Virginia (2-0)

OTHERS TO WATCH: Oklahoma State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Georgia, Florida St., Kansas, Texas Tech


  1. Just saw that BYU is number 2 in the Sagerin Ratings (USC no. 1). This is one of the computer rankings used by the BCS. Think it will hold up if BYU wins out?

  2. Yeah, if BYU can keep winning, they'll stay up there. That is really good for BYU. If they can keep winning and stay up that high, then they should be in good position when BCS rankings come out in a few weeks.