Saturday, September 19, 2009


Its Saturday again. Are you ready for some football? Miami already got this week off to an exciting start by dominating Georgia Tech on Thursday, 33-17. If they can win their next two (Virginia Tech and Oklahoma) they are in the drivers seat for a BCS bowl. On tap today is Texas-Texas Tech, BYU-Florida State, and an intriguing match up between USC and Washington. Of course there are many more games as well, so don't be shy to voice your interests and what you are watching and observing today.


  1. How about the Cal/Minnesota Game? Jahvid Best dominated! He scored EVERY TD for the Bears! Minnesota just couldn't keep him out of the end zone. If he can play like that against USC, Cal just might have a shot at the PAC-10 (and maybe National) Championship.

  2. Best will probably still be my leader for the Heisman, even if his yards per carry were half of his average (5 not 10 yards). I don't want cal to beat USC now, after the Washington loss. All teams need a loss for a better chance that undefeated BYU will get into the championship game. Speaking of BYU, I am worrying. Defense can't stop their offense.

  3. Ugly weekend for the Moutain West Conference. BYU drops a big game in a big way. SDSU losses to Idaho. Oregon ends Utah's winning streak. Colorado blanks Wyoming. Even outside of the Moutain West, things didn't look to good. However, things did look good for Cal and VT fans. This season has the chance to look like the 2007 season when a two-loss (LSU) National Champion was crowned.