Saturday, September 12, 2009


Week 2 is here. The games are about to begin. Here is your forum to discuss them. Talk about an astonishing play, a surprising score, or just brag about your team being the best. We have Michigan-Notre Dame at the Big House, USC-Ohio State to finish things off in the Horseshoe tonight. Can Duke point guard turned Syracuse quarterback lead the Orangemen over Penn State? Everything is fair game.


  1. Penn State up 14-0 at half--expected.

    Florida only 7 points in the first against Troy. Is it too early to sound the upset alert? Some have called this a trap game with Tennessee waiting next week, plus Troy was a conf. champ last year. The other factor: Florida was planning to use this game to work on a lot of no huddle. Maybe that has not been very smooth.

  2. Colorado lost 54-38 to Toledo yesterday. Head Coach Dan Hawkins might not last till the end of the year at Colorado. Colorado State's win is less impressive.

    So much for the Florida upset alert. Two drives into the thrid quarter: 49-3 Florida. Tim Tebow has been a touchdown machine, again (4 pass, 1 rush).

    Fresno State just relinquished the lead at Wisconsin. They have 3 minutes to score and force OT or get the win. GO BULLDOGS!!

    Central Michigan tied with Michigan State in the fourth. Interesting.

  3. Upset alert: UConn over North Carolina by 1 with 2:30 to play. What does this mean? Is UConn on par with last year or is North Carolina overrated?

  4. I am moderately satisfied with the BYU first half. They will need to work on finishing drives in the red zone. We can't waste opportunities there (think Utah 2007). But 20-3 is better than number 2 Texas, only up 13-10 at Wyoming. Go Cowboys!

    Houston is taking it to Oklahoma State. Can you say letdown? OK St. vested too much emotion in that Georgia game last week.

    Michigan-Notre Dame. Things were looking real good for the Wolverines, but Notre Dame has come back to take the lead at half. This looks to be a barn burner.

  5. Nice end result for the Cougs, 54-3. I like our backfield. Kariya, DiLuigi are nice complements to Unga.

  6. Man, what a great Saturday! USC-Ohio game, Michigan-ND, Houston-OKst. Games don't get much better than those ones. The last time Houston upseted a top 5 team was in 1984... Interesting. Anyway, Florida St. was a letdown today, granted they had a short week to prepare because of the Monday game. Any chance that they could have been looking ahead to BYU? Scott, this blog is great. It generates a lot of good discussion, not only on the blog, but at family gatherings. Keep it up, bro!

  7. FSU was DEFINATELY looking a head to BYU, and it almost cost them this week. Very interesting fact about Houston and 1984...I think it is also interesting that Houstons mascot is a Cougar...Could this be the year of Cougar in college football?

  8. Great Blog Scott. I hope to keep up on it when I can. Yesterday was indeed a pretty good day for College Football, although it ended up being disappointing in a few ways.

    I was hoping for a little better showing by the MWC. I understood about Wyoming, although the first half was great. Too bad that the game wasn't only 28 minutes. That would have been amazing. I was really hoping that Air Force would beat Minnesota, and that UNLV would beat Oregon State (23-21 for the Beavers). I didn't have much hope for New Mexico. I was pretty excited in week one, but week two was a let down. (and then to have Florida State look so bad didn't help). It would have been nice to see Maryland lose to an FCS team, thus further disgracing the ACC.

    Still a LOT of football to be played. I hope my Cougars can continue to perform as they have been. I must say one thing. My new 40 inch TV and HD enhancement has sure made the first two weekends nice.

  9. Last saturday was a great day for college football! I parked myself in front of the TV and couldn't get enough. My favorite of the day was seeing Central Michigan win. After failing to get the 2-pt conversion, the winning field-goal after an onside kick over Mighigan St. Don't know anything about Central Michigan, but sure was fun to watch!!!