Saturday, September 5, 2009


Alright, here is your forum for discussing everything under the sun about college football today. Who is your team playing? What players are you watching? Did you see the Boise State-Oregon game and post game fallout? These are just starters, this is an open forum. While you are here take time to check out some of the previous posts.


  1. Pretty good opening weekend so far. Here are some of my initial thoughts:
    1. Does Lou Holtz look so crazy now? ND was supposed to face a stiff challenge wit Nevada. Jimmy Clausen picked up right where he left off. Those are outrageous numbers.
    2. BYU is playing out of its mind in the first half. Reminds me of the 1990 game against Miami. Turnovers killed us. We should at least be tied 10-10 with that field goal that did not count, but what if we had no turnovers? 17-0 BYU at the half? Not unlikely.
    3. Ohio State squeeks past Navy. WOW! Next is USC who won 56-3 against San Jose State, who is supposed to be formidable this year, but then again, so is Nevada.
    4. How about Michigan with all the distractions going on there? Rich Rodriguez must be sleeping better tonight.

  2. Many people are disconting BYU's win over Oklahoma due to Sam Bradford's and Gresham's injuries. There are many arguments that could be used to counter those who argue to discredit the win (Harvey Unga's injury, BYU's 4 turnovers, BYU's defensive performance in the first half, etc.). However, I would argue that BYU won because it demonstrated championship determination ad grit. If you are to be a true championship team, you have to be able to overcome setbacks (injuries, turnovers, penelties, etc.). Both teams have their share of excuses, but only one team dealt with their excuses well enough to win.