Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TOP 25 (Pre-Season 2009)

The start of the season is less than a month away. Here is my pre-season top 25. For now, I am just making my best guess. However, as the season progresses, you will see that I rank teams on the following guidelines: overall won-loss record, head-to-head results, conference standings. In other words, a team with one loss will not be ranked below a team with two losses; the outcome of head-to-head match-ups will dictate which team is ranked higher when records are identical; a conference champion with the same record as a team that is second place in another conference will be ranked higher than the second place team. These are the basic guidelines. As the season goes on, I will explain additional criteria that I used to judge between two teams, as necessary.

1. Florida

2. Texas

3. Oklahoma

4. USC

5. Penn St.

6. Ohio St.

7. Ole Miss

8. Oklahoma St.

9. Oregon

10. TCU

11. BYU

12. Boise St.

13. Virginia Tech

14. Notre Dame

15. Alabama

16. Cal

17. Florida St.

18. Georgia Tech

19. Oregon St.

20. Nebraska

21. Iowa

22. LSU

23. North Carolina

24. Arkansas

25. West Virginia

OTHERS TO WATCH: Georgia, Miami (FL), Nevada, Kansas, Texas Tech


  1. Hey Scott, cool blog. I'll have to check this regularly through out the season. Are these ranks based on where you think teams will end up at the end of the 2009 season? Or are they based upon how good they will be at the beginning of the season? Anyway, you should check out our blog at joslynanddevin.blogspot.com. It not as cool as college football, but you and Sandra see what we are up to.


  2. Some of your guidelines for ranking teams are a little misguided---for example, a two-loss team will never be ranked ahead of a one-loss team. It is not inconceivable that some very strong teams will have a tougher schedule and perhaps two losses while other teams will have very weak schedules and get away with only one loss.

    Also, call me a pessimist, but I think that you have BYU ranked too high. They are essentially the same team as last year, and last year BYU showed that they weren't up to snuff against teams like Utah and TCU. (I hope I am wrong about BYU this year though...)

  3. RE: McKay

    I am not surprised that you disagree with me. I understand what you say about the two-loss vs. one-loss and I do allow "exceptions to everyrule" but they will be rare and I will justify them when they arise. As for the strength of schedule, I don't buy into that very much--watch for further explanation on that throughout the year.

    BYU's rank may be optimistic, but "eternal optimism" is part of what makes college football so great. Enough changes occur year to year that you can have these high hopes in August. More to come on that in the Thursday, September 3 post.