Thursday, August 6, 2009


This blog will have two types of posts on a regular basis: 1) a Daily Feature and 2) an open forum that allows you to discuss the issues important to you. Below is a detailed description of the Daily Features.

MONDAY: Top 25/BCS Standings-My revised Top 25 will debut each Monday morning that can be discussed and debated. As soon as BCS standings are being released they will be included, and, of course, subject to criticism. In the weeks before the BCS standings are released, I will include other material on the BCS.

TUESDAY: Heisman Trophy-My list of Heisman Hopefuls will be posted with updated stats, commentary on the overall race, and each player's standing in the race.

WEDNESDAY: Coaching-The game of football is much more than the players on the field, so once a week I will give some attention to the coaching side of the game.

THURSDAY: Perspective-As we roll into the week's competition, I will shed some light on parts of the game that tend to be overlooked, but have a significant impact on the outcome of games every week.

FRIDAY: X's and O's-These posts will aim to help fans new to the sport better understand the game. They can range from explanations of how the game is played to the conference structure to the rules and to the history of the game. Fans new and old should find something edifying in each post.

SATURDAY: Game Time-Game day will be open forum for sharing and discussing what happens as the games are played.

DAILY FORUM: Monday through Friday space will be provided to discuss the other issues in college football that interest you, but don't apply to the daily feature.

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  1. Looking forward to the posts. I am particularly interested in what will be your Friday posts, as I have not played organized football and would like to learn more about the nitty gritty details...