Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 Step Drop: 2010 Big XII Conference Football

The Big XII conference was the center of a lot of attention this offseason. They hope the attention continues once the games start. Here are five questions giving a quick overview of the Big XII.

1. Who will win the conference? Oklahoma Sooners. Barring any unforeseen injuries like last year. Injuries were the only thing that kept Oklahoma from another Big XII championship in 2009. Landry Jones has a year of playing experience and has had all offseason to prepare knowing that he is the man.

2. Who is the top returning player? Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M. Last year, the Aggies’ quarterback made several big plays with both his arm and his legs. He threw for over 3,500 yards with 30 touchdowns, and he ran for over 500 yards and another eight touchdowns.

3. Which team will be the most improved? Baylor. The Bears will have Robert Griffin back to provide a boost. He is still recovering some of his mobility, but he will be effective enough all year to give Baylor a big improvement over 2009.

4. What will be the biggest surprise? No Big XII player will be a Heisman Trophy finalist. From 2003 to 2009, the Big XII had at least one player go to New York every year except one (2006). Landry Jones, Kendall Hunter, and Jerrod Johnson will get hype throughout the year, but none one of them will make the cut.

5. Which coach is on the hottest seat? Dan Hawkins, Colorado. He was supposed to be a prodigy from Boise State that would make CU a force again. Hawkins was 53-11 in five years at Boise State. In four years in Boulder, Hawkins is just 16-33.


  1. Texas will rule, they have too much talent!

  2. You forgot about the turds from Nebraska!

    Oh well, they will run a high school offense and be irrelevent like they have been for years!

  3. I agree that Texas has a lot of talent, just like in 2006, after VY left. The loss of Colt will be just enough to keep Texas from winning the conference. Don't get me wrong, the Longhorns will still be very good.

    As for Nebraska, are you suggesting that I should have that as the biggest surprise, since they are so high in the polls to start the year. It will be interesting to watch them this year. Will the offense make enough improvements for Nebraska to take the next step? How much will the loss of Suh hurt the defense, and team overall, if the offense is not any better?

    Thanks for commenting.